Communication is important

Communication is important

Communication is important


Communicating with other people can give us a lot. Especially when we talk about business. But conversations with people that we like or even with strangers make us much happier. Of course, introverts will disagree with that statement, but it’s true. Thanks to Internet we can call to everyone we want and whenever we want. All we need is computer, Internet and skype headsets But which app should we use? There’s a lot of possibilities, but let’s take a look at the most recommended ones.


Everyone knows this application. It’s pretty old but is still being developed. Millions of people use them every single day to communicate with friends and family using their skype headsets. We can use this app on our mobile phone too, which is very comfortable. In addition there’s “Skype for business” which allows you to record you calls and make a call for 250 people at once! It’s very useful application for companies.


It’s probably known even better than skype. Messenger was created by Facebook and let us chat with our friends and even make a calls or video calls. In addition we don’t need skype headsets to communicate with the others. All we need is our mobile phone. Of course, there’s a desktop version for people, who likes having everything in one place.


That’s an application dedicated to gamers, who loves to make new friends online. It’s totally free and provides easy communication during playing games. It’s perfect alternative for Team Speak 3, whish is not free and voice delay is pretty big). Of course, you don’t need to use it during playing games, because it’s perfect app for just chatting with friends or family during free time. All you need is to register and create a room for yourself and your friends. However, don’t forget your microphone and skype headsets.

What’s App

It’s an application for our mobile phones and PCs, which is very similar to Messenger (great alternative). What’s App is available for Android, iOS and Windows (desktop and mobile). However it’s still Facebook’s app. It provides video and voice calls, group chats, location sharing via Google Maps and many more. All we need is Internet connection.

Which app should you use? It depends on you. If you are an active person, the best choice for you is Skype, Messenger and What’s App. You call your friends and family whenever and wherever you want, which is very comfortable. Of, course you can make classical call too. Messenger is connected with your list of friends on Facebook, so you don’t have to invite them or know their nicknames/phone numbers to call them. Using Skype you need to invite a person, that you want to talk with.

If you are a gamer and you love to chat/talk with your friends, choose Discord. It’s free and easy to use.